It seems that Hot Pants wanted to hide her gender from everyone to collaborate with her discretion in the search for Corpse Parts throughout the race since she eventually drops the masculine form of speaking in the middle of the story.When she comes in contact with some of the Corpse Parts, however, there is a transformation in Hot Pant's attitude, and possibly a change in her main objective - no longer only reporting discoveries to the Vatican, but collecting all parts of the Holy Saint in order to redeem herself from her immense past guilt.With the doubles as part of the battle, Hot Pants could suspect of such behavior; instead, she spots the other Diego and alerts base world's partner.While Diego can be considered a neutral element in the dispute for supernatural artifacts, Hot Pants is a slightly more collaborative rival in relation to the protagonists, even though she does only what she deems to be the best plan.At this point, seeing how in sync and trustful Diego appears to be in relation to Hot Pants, it makes it clear his character development intended in Steel Ball Run: trust someone else.Right in the first leg of the competition, Diego becomes an intermittent rival of Gyro Zeppeli and of Johnny Joestar, whom we came to know later that they had already met in childhood. Hyouka fanfiction. This Diego decides to share this info instead of taking advantage of it, seeing Hot Pants and him working together.Variations of the ship name in Western fandom include DinoPants, DinoPantsu, DHP, DiePants, and other variations resulting from Portmanteau Couple Naming.

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She sighed and carefully lifted the blond up under his head and knees and walked inside, turning in for the night.Diego cracked his eyes open wider, the familiar pink shirt of Hotpants blocked his vision.She reached over to the curled up blond to shake him awake before stopping and retracting her arm.After placing everything down on the blanket, Hotpants still felt like something was missing.” Diego purred out, if it weren’t for the warm paradise he’s currently in, he would’ve tried to save his pride and ego.Finally deciding his choice, Diego stirred. Professor obi gay. The small blond laid curled up on the backyard’s boulder of a rock, the sun perfectly acting as a warm blanket for him.The warmth of the sun and heat disk was drawing him back to sleep. She sighed before softly patting his head, her eyes softening at the sight of him.Hotpants sat down beside the boulder that Diego was sleeping on and leaned her back on the warm rock. Almost.She plugged the heat disk to an extended outlet cord that they had in the backyard and set it right next to the sleeping blond.Hearing light snoring on her side, Hotpants looked down at the blond.The refreshing chill of water cooled her body down.Cleaning the picnic up could wait until tomorrow morning.Soon her hands managed to find themselves scratching under his chin.She went back inside and hauled out a heat disk.” Hotpants said, her voice was smooth, almost managing to mask the feeling of disappointment in it.Moments passed, the two sat there, laid in Diego’s case, in silence with the occasional purr coming from the blond.The constant movement of going back and forth while hauling the food and heat disk was wearing her out a bit.The blue plaid blanket with the two initials embroidered on the edges was draped on the soft grass.The two removed the rocks yesterday to avoid any discomfort when sitting.After staring at both the picnic set up and Diego, a light bulb lit up in her head. Metal sonamy. She took a cold bottle of water out of the cooler and began drinking it. He hadn’t felt this since his mother died.His head was tucked even deeper into the crevices of his arms.This was too hard, why couldn’t he just stay asleep.Diego didn’t know what was happening, his eyes were still droopy.Especially since the one who she has been petting had awakened.When she first asked, the blond said it was because of the boulder that was in the perfect sunspot with a small excited twinkle in his eye.She let out a sigh and began petting Diego’s hair.This was nice. “Oh, you’re awake.

Continuing the DioPants sketch from last month. (I think I still like the lineart version better in the end fffffff) My two favorite people,A blind-faith nun and an asshole who think of himself as a. (udon'tneedtoremembr.Pilules Du Bonheur Avoir Un Coup De Coeur Jojo Bizarre Anime Dessins Bizarre Art Bizarre Jojo Bizarre Jotaro Kujo Demoiselle En Detresse Des Peintures Realistes Personnages And the world turned towards morning.Derniere mise a jour Il y a 7?semaines 77.Instagram post by Nicole M. Jijook. .Recopilacion de imagenes, momazos y demas cosas JJBA 5

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.Give me a ship you want to read about and I will give you a story.I accept any kind of ships, even rare pairs (but if I really can't write about one particular ship, I will inform you).That's all for now (further information will be provided if needed), thank you very much for your time and see you in the next chapter

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The saloon was surprisingly busy in the afternoon, but it didn't sound like there was too horribly much to do in this town other than farm and drink. The poor greeting aside, the hazy shapes of buildings were within sight, lodged at the edge of a field of towering mesas, framed against a long highland plateau.Surprised, Mista turned fully and stepped forward because surely the blond couldn't have just disappeared into thin air-.”.Mista flattened his back to the willow regardless, offering a quick thankful prayer that he hadn't been discovered, and watched as the churchman made his way back towards town.Dismounting his stolen horse and tying it to one of the posts, Mista made his way up the walk only to pause. Fem ciel. The story gets fuzzy after that, rumors of vampires and ancient gods, murders and martyrs, miracles and misfortunes.The main exports were corn, melons, peppers, pomegranates, figs, stone fruits, veal, wool, pork, and apples according to some truly tedious data obtained by Fugo before he left the group.There was a wide corn field behind it to the west, some sheep and a pretty cremello mare with braided hair that were all amiably grazing about the front lawn, and several other smaller plots of crops were growing around the sides of the homestead.The gossip did the odd landscaping no justice as the rock formations were even weirder in person- or at least from a distance. was something he shouldn't even be considering, and the second option was off the table.Now he could see the steep hill they were perched on wasn't actually that sharp a slope, the extra height just came from what looked like a dirty cloud at the roots.The geography alone was nothing short of mind-boggling; the settlement was nestled beside a tributary-fed lake and a foul bog created by the run off, surrounded on all sides by mesas and plateaus, a real oasis of sorts in the otherwise parched landscape.How welcoming.Their enigmatic and violent boss seemed to have eyes and ears everywhere.At least better time than when he stole that buggy, less bumpy for sure, and it definitely beat walking.Mista turned away quick, it was just too bizarre to look at for too long, making his stomach uneasy and his head hurt.Mista had never seen such fancy-ass dental implants- usually something only for the incredibly wealthy- or ones with.He did probably need a wash at this point though.Looks like someone hadn't taken their vows of poverty to heart.Who was this barkeep if he was able to afford a full mouth worth of metal, and what the hell were they doing in a place like Morioh.

? ? Set in 1920.This won?t a comedy like my other works, but don?t worry there will be some aspects of comedy (Thanks Gyro). An AU where the cast is assassins after President Valintine.The sun never sets on Diego Brando - he misses it every time.Things get harder when Diego meets a girl, where eventually he is forced to choose between love or legacy.The plan goes great, up until the point when her foot accidently ends up on his penis. Myunit. The sun never rises on Hot Pants - they miss it every time..? Hotpants gaped at Diego.I work alone.They are angry, sinful, poor and they don?t know what to do with their life.? ?Yes, they do.While on a morning ride, he discovers a white, wounded fawn - which quickly transforms into a man whose fate he is deeply intertwined with.A love story told in two acts, Gyro and Johnny must navigate the treacherous pitfalls of the world that they inhabit, and learn that perhaps a god and a mortal are not so different in their yearnings.Diego and Hot Pants can?t take their eyes off of each other, but don't know how to express how they feel. Mine started two days ago.Johnny Joestar struggles with his ex, Tim.He is the last of his name, and his only inheritance from his parents who abandoned him is a cafe.Tomorrow will be the worst, and then I will be able to ride again.He is beautiful, famous, rich, and more burned out than he thought.Heats last at least a week. ?You have been in heat for two days, and you didn?t even find it worth mentioning.? ?Well, not in your condition. Chase Devineaux Voice.

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The fawn, as small as it was, seemed to shift - it squealed, eyes squeezing shut in terror, and Johnny’s heart starts to race in panic as the rest of the world around him, too, begins to fold in on itself. “Like, is it an aura thing, or just my good looks?” Johnny snorts. “See, I’m the guardian of this forest - or, well, the apprentice of one.He doesn’t know what it is - maybe the fact that he’d spent so much of his tumultuous childhood being comforted by horses, his only escape from the wrath of his father and neglect of his mother - but he instantly feels better as Slow Dancer trots into the wilderness. “What the fuck just happened?”.” The line goes silent between them, the resulting static making Johnny’s head feel fuzzy - he was already a little out of it from crying, the action always taking it out of him no matter how severe the fit, and he would’ve needed to sit down had he not been already. FanFiction. ” “Okay.A love story told in two acts, Gyro and Johnny must navigate the treacherous pitfalls of the world that they inhabit, and learn that perhaps a god and a mortal are not so different in their yearnings.Then again, the death of two of your closest friends was never a good thing, and it made his chest constrict to even begin thinking about the repercussions of losing them.He swallows the lump in his throat. “Definitely an aura thing,” he says, playing into it, “and I mean.He ties his legs up as she waits patiently, the morning sun balancing over the horizon and casting orange rays like candy stripes against the stable walls and deft fingers. “Hey,” Gyro says suddenly, disrupting the silence that had fallen between them, “you have an accent, don’t you.They look to be made of pure gold, glinting in the sunlight that was now hanging above his head and casting his shadow in front of him - his smile is broad, lips matte with green, with tan skin pretty enough to rival the gods’.The wind from riding flutters his hair, lifting it from the nape of his neck - but it quickly disappears, along with the momentum he and Slow Dancer had gathered, when he notices a dark shape laying by the side of the river.This is one that I've had in my brain for a while now, and I'm finally just.Gyro offers his hand and Johnny tries, getting two himself before it disappears.He was so tacky and it made Johnny warm all over - god, since when had he been so easily flustered? “Meet me here in three sunsets, and we’ll talk again.As he reaches for the saddle, she ducks her head forward and licks the side of his face - and with a fond smile, he realizes she’s trying to make him feel better.

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I don’t know them: Sibling tension then butterwhy: they’re smiling Memory who.Memory Who? I don’t know them: He wants you to tell him your gay thoughts..Pompstar: dumbstar: butterwhy: Mom: Memory who.Pompstar: That’s a lie Giorno Giovanna: I can taste it.I don’t know them: Sexual tension butterwhy: It’s between Jonathan and Johnny Memory who. Www.camwhores.t. Anyhow, thanks for clicking on this trainwreck, kudos and comments are appreciated

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”.She enjoyed her work, particularly acting as a nurse in hospitals, so she assumed the exchange was satisfactory.Whatever was between his legs, it was com-pletely unfamiliar to Hotpants. “Are you.The pope told her it was God, and she chose to believe him.I think we should make camp for the night. 10+ Villain Bakugou ideas. She lay on top of Diego, her head on his shoulder, watching the firelight move over his skin as she stroked featherlight touches over his cock.He gripped Hotpant’s hips and tried to thrust even further into her, chest heaving, until he shuddered to a stop.She generally felt the way he looked at her was strange, but this she couldn’t parse at all.Certainly, she was made of stuff too stern to notice the way his flush made his pale skin seem translucent. His heat was coming back with force.” “Yes, they do.It stood out, a tan line against his pale flesh, but he looked far more human.”.Tomorrow will be the worst, and then I will be able to ride again.It only took a few more gentle thrusts before Hotpants realized she was nearing a climax.Together we could lay out an entire town.The path they were on was plenty wide enough for him to pass her, though it looked like it narrowed further up, where the trees started to crowd in earnest.Then she thought better of it, grabbed one of his nipples and twisted.It will help to keep my temperature down.Not that she could use it for what she was going to do, but it helped her focus on her ability.”.The race has been so difficult that you keep activating it, without thinking. Cats Don't Dance – Randy Newman.

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He’d missed every sunset for what felt like the last five years of his life..Johnny flicked the page, eying up the glossy spread detailing an old Jaguar engine, and sipped at his coffee. “Guess he couldn’t get his agent to change her mind then.Thankfully he’s going there to race instead of for a photoshoot because right now he’s not sure if he could handle being fawned over by a mob of artists and stylists.It’s a quaint little town house with a pastel painted door, three stories and lavishly decorated with stylish pieces of art hung on the walls, animal skin rugs and glass vases that catch and refract the light that pours in from the large, dark curtained windows. I lucifer glen duncan. The bedsheets were cream and the fleece blanket on top of them was grey, fuzzy, and probably needed washing, honestly.He is beautiful, famous, rich, and more burned out than he thought.But wow, it’s nice to see you have a busy social life though.The sun never sets on Diego Brando - he misses it every time.Updates will be slow and short I think, as I'll be working on this fic alongside my studies.He thought of work and how he could make his mechanic's boiler suit look more like racing leathers.He sighed, shifted his attention to the drab grey of the plane interior and pressed the buzzer for service.It was a much classier choice than the shitty (and expensive! ) fashion magazines that Gyro claimed were his 'American guilty pleasure' (“Because they’re all so bitchy and trashy”, he’d said once to justify it).I’m really not a social butterfly, I like spending time alone.

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Welcome to hell HillTimothy!(POGCHAMP) HillTimothy: THAT WAS A SECRET GYRO I TRUSTED YOU RamRanch: WHY DO YOU GO TO A STIP CLUB UR LIKE UNDERAGED HillTimothy: IM FUCKING 17 AND I THINK THE OUTFITS ARE COOL RamRanch: I'V BEEN IN THE US FOR LIKE 3 YEARS AND 18 IS THE LEGAL AGE HillTimothy: I feel like I should delete this RamRanch: You should Scalie: I've been taking screenshots this whole time Imnotfromthebeetles: Take this shit in pm's i don't want to read shit about tim going to a gay strip club when im trying to find out when i have to meet up with you guys and also Lucy is here.Toes: it smellls like wafles and siht Femdom: I think we left them in the bathroom of the Waffle house Toes: wha t thee fekc is wafel hous Imnotfromthebeetles: He on his own now..Femdom: We are literal theatre kids we have to have problems Femdom: Except for pphk they're just weird Toes: cooter Femdom: see RamRanch: Holy fuck I thought that they weren't in the chat Lulu: They're the only person in stagecrew Toes: where am i.BOOMER: Christ what is wrong with you children.Femdom: Jesus if you can hear me please help BOOMER: Creating this chat was a mistake Scalie: So who's gonna re-invite Tim. Cedric x Harry Potter. Femdom: So basically everybody in the club met at a waffle house and then Gyro's dumb ass started to eat a brownie and then Johnny asked for some and he gave johnny another brownie he had.RamRanch: I sleep in the same bed as him one time and you say we're dating HillTimothy: Ngl thats pretty gay RamRanch: aren't you the same guy that frequents a cowboy strip club HillTimothy: I- HillTimothy left the chat(loser) Lulu: Wait whats a strip club.

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